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Renaming configurations for reports



We have a system where test configurations are labeled using custom strings that our system can parse. Strings such as linux_g++_ubuntu_x64_xyz.

I would like to simplify the TestRail integration by using these as the direct configuration names in TestRail. However, when reports are generated for non-tester stakeholders, using these custom strings for configurations make little sense to them.

Is there a way to have the generated report contain some other text based on this custom label? For example, in the above example maybe “linux-g+±ubuntu-x64-xyz” could be written to report as “Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit”.

I looked a bit at the reports docs and the translation bit seemed slightly promising. The translation page also listed some information about possibly using translations to hack some custom text replacements besides regular transactions.

Is the translation system the way to go, or something else? And any for-dummies style tutorial on the solution?

Cheers & Thanks,


Hi U,

There would not be a direct way to modify the appearance of configurations using an alias field or similar. You may be able to rename the configurations within TestRail’s UI via UI scripts, however this would not affect reports which are generated.

The language translation for TestRail would not work in this case, either, as the language translation would only affect variables used by TestRail’s PHP code and would not affect items stored in TestRail’s database, such as the name of the configuration you used.

That being said, creating a custom report plugin would most-likely be the route to take with this, as you would be able to include your own PHP code to rename the configuration fields as needed.

Hope this helps!