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Rename closed test run


It seems that I can’t rename closed test runs. It makes sense to me to irreversibly lock down test results, but it doesn’t make sense to me to irreversibly lock down a test run title.

(I want to add test device names to titles for clarity in perusing closed runs).

If this is possible and I’m missing it, how do I do this?

If it’s not possible via the UI, is it possible via the API?

If it’s not possible via the UI, please consider this a feature request.


meep marp derp (bump)


I do not believe this is possible via the UI, but I do not know about the API. Like you said, test results get locked down after a test, which includes the title.

A workaround could be editing the result and adding a comment, or a version.

This won’t be as robust of a solution as you might like, but the data will at least be attached to the tests.

As for test runs that are completely closed, I don’t know of any way to edit them. The about solution is just for completed tests where the test run is still open.