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Removing user accounts



i was wondering if in future it would be possible to remove user accounts, the nature of our team is that we have a rather large number of people coming and going and the list with inactive accounts is getting larger and larger, and it would make it less cluttered if we could remove those accounts completely instead of just setting them to inactive



I agree. pretty ridiculous that this is not something built into this application. @tgurock @dgurock
Please give this functionality.


Hi there,

Thanks for the post. TestRail does currently allow you to filter on ‘Active Only’ accounts within the TestRail administration section. In regards to specifically being able to remove accounts, we would be happy to look at this as a possible addition to TestRail in the future.


I’ve run into the same issue. When I have to add a new user, I just rename an inactive user account and give the new user a temp password to use to log in. Keeps my list from growing.


well duh… why didn’t i think of that myself, until remove option is there thats exactly what i will be doing. thanks for the idea!! :slight_smile:


One observation is that if you rename the inactive user account, anything historically under that user will show up as owned by the new user.


Hi all,

Thanks for your feedback! Fully deleting users is not supported in order to retain the user’s test history etc. throughout TestRail, but deactivating users has basically the same effect (the user is no longer counted against the license limit or subscription fee, cannot log in anymore and can no longer be selected in user dropdowns, such as the Assign To fields for tests and test runs). As Marty mentioned, you can hide the inactive users from the user management page by choosing to display Active users only, and this is the recommended approach for this. Renaming a previously marked inactive user to a new user would skew the original and new user’s history/metrics, so we wouldn’t recommend this. Hope this helps!



thank you all for your response, i had come to the same conclusion myself after thinking it through


Yes please! A clean-up option would be great… and surely not too much to ask for :o)


Hi all,

Thanks for your feedback! The recommended approach to clean up the user management area would be to just hide inactive users from view (as they remain in the database to retain the user’s test history as mentioned above). That said, as Marty mentioned we’re happy to look into this for a future update is as well. Hope this helps!



count my vote in for this feature as well as we have like close to 600 in the list :smiley:


Your vote has been added! :slight_smile: