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Removing last test run result


My last test plan had an external failure part way through the run which resulted in the majority of the tests being marked as failures. I want to remove this test run result - in effect an invalid test run - but cannot see a way of doing this.

This is a big problem for me as I want to move on to a new build and create a new test plan and close the existing test plan but if I do close with invalid test results then that will corrupt the test run statistics i.e. there is a test plan for each build and the statistics should show increasing test passes. The only other option is to delay moving to the new build and run the test plan again but that would mean nearly a day lost.


There is no way - they keep the results as part of auditing. The only suggestion would be to test the new release against the same Test Plan and mark new test results.

I believe they have a request from other uses to allow a special permission to delete test results.


Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your post! As @BGanger mentioned, you wouldn’t be able to delete a test result for auditing purposes, and we would just recommend adding a new result to the tests to overwrite any incorrect/invalid test results. TestRail would only use the latest result for statistics/reporting, and you can add any comment to these if needed to explain the previous invalid result. Hope this helps!



Thanks for the replies BGanger, Marco. It is “easier” to re-run the tests than to add manually but it meant 1/2 a day lost. I do understand the need for auditing but there really should be some “admin” role that allows for this type of correction.


The feature request to delete test results is extensively discussed here

Adding test results for overrading an unwanted result (for whatever reason) really clogs the jira test run history