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Remove Milestone Tab and All Associated Views



We currently work in an Agile environment but in such a way that Milestones are not valid.

I am aware that the Milestone field can be marked as inactive from within the customisations area of Administration but was wondering if the Milestone field and tab as a whole could be hidden. Is it possible to hide the Milestone Tab and reports from all views?



Hi Bryan,

Thank you for the post. TestRail would allow you to remove the permissions for users to add or edit milestones. This however would not completely remove milestone references from the UI and there is no way to do this in TestRail.

Typically teams use milestones but use them for something else as milestones can really be used to represent anything you want. i.e. Sprint, Release, etc.


Hi Marty,

Thanks for your reply.

I’ll feedback this to the team and see what they would like to use it for.



Is it possible to set the milestone field to be integrated with Jira Sprint field and pull the values from Jira into TestRail?


Hi Marty,

It’s been a while and I was busy revisiting this following feedback from the team. Is it possible to hide the milestones tab using a custom UI Script?