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Remove/delete inapplicable configurations from test suites


The way configurations are added to a suite is simple if it’s only a 1:1 relationship, but as soon as there are more configurations selected, the “matrix” of configurations that is created as a result can be confusing and inaccurate. As a user, I would like a way to remove inapplicable configurations from my test suite so that the view is simpler and doesn’t permanently include options that may never apply. As a designer, I would consider redesigning the way configurations are created altogether.



Hi, totally agree.
We thought configurations would prove useful but instead it produces multiple configurations which have no use and are confusing.

For example, we did setup configurations such as OS, OS language, product license, bitness… which given 4 OS, 7 languages, and 3 license types plus 32/64 bit variations created 168 configuration !!! :roll_eyes:

We have now gone down the road of having as few configurations as possible to avoid the issue, so OS and bitness and language all 1, kinda defeats the purpose of the feature…