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Release 3.0?



I’m in the middle of implementing TestRail in our organisation. It’ll likely be live in the next couple of weeks, and I just wondered whether you had any news on the release date of 3.0?

I know you can’t commit to a date, but I guess I’m quite excited and was just asking in the hope that you might share something with us :slight_smile:




Hello Bryan,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, I can share something. :slight_smile: TestRail 3.0 is currently scheduled for end of June/early July but please note that this is still subject to change. The version is coming along nicely and we are also very excited about it. It will mainly focus on reporting but also introduces other smaller and not-so-small features (like a new API, for example). Updating to the new version will be very easy as usual so you could install TestRail 2.7 now and then update to TestRail 3.0 in a month or so.

I hope this helps and have a good weekend!