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Relating Estimate field to Elapsed field in testrail database



I am working on a custom chart in Tableau that will compare the Estimate field to the Elapsed field. I am connecting directly to the testrail database for the data. However, I do not understand how the two tables that contain these fields (test_changes and cases, respectively) relate to one another. I do not see a common field between the two that I can base my join query on. Do you have any recommendations?




Resolved. I needed to relate the databases as shown.


Hi Sara,

Thanks for the update, glad you were able to get this going! Please note that accessing the TestRail database should be on a read-only basis and you shouldn’t make any changes to the database as this would break the consistency and cause issues with TestRail functionality and break upgrades as well as other potential issues, and your database would then be unsupported. It looks as though you’re just accessing the database for read-only purposes with Tableau for some additional analytics/statistics, but I just wanted to mention this as well just in case. Hope this helps!



Hi Marco,

Yes, I am definitely accessing on a read-only basis. Thanks for the follow-up!