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Relate Test cases in Testrail to Stories in Jira



I am looking now for Testrail as my solution for test management with Jira, and I just started using it so I want to make sure if there is a way in intergration process to relate test cases added in Testrail to User stories created in Jira.


Integrating with Jira (feedback for test cases)

Hello Yasmine,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, you can relate test cases to user stories in Jira and we recommend using the built-in References field for this. This field was specifically added to link test cases in TestRail to other tools in order to manage feature requests, requirements or user stories. You can find an overview of this feature here:

You can learn more about configuring this field for Jira here:

Once configured, you can directly jump to the user stories in Jira when viewing test cases in TestRail:

[quote]"The reference URLs are used to link test cases to issues stored in Jira via the References field. Once the URLs have been configured, issue IDs entered in the References field are linked to your Jira instance to make it easier to jump to related issues, feature specifications or requirements.

To configure Jira’s URLs for the References field, select Administration > Integration. You can alternatively enter separate reference URLs for each project under Administration > Projects."[/quote]

In addition to the integration feature, there are also various reports in TestRail that help you displaying the coverage, comparison of test results or found defects for your user stories, e.g.:

You can find the reports on the Reports tab in TestRail.

We are also happy to help in case you have any specific questions about configuring the integration or using the reports.




I do not think your documentation for References is correct, complete and adequate. It looks like as if done by developer barely.

Reference view is understandable. It just opens in a browser tab.
Reference add is incorrect. The doc in
says Reference Add Url:!default.jspa ; really that means creating an issue, which is almost same as defect creation(perhaps requirement/story/task creation ).



Hi Rama!

JIRA uses the same entity and form for creating defects/bugs on the one hand and requirements/stories/tasks on the other hand so the documentation would be correct in this case. It’s fine that both the Reference and Defect integrations would link to issues in JIRA and the issues in JIRA can have different meanings depending on the issue type in JIRA and the link location in TestRail (defects/bugs vs. requirements/user stories/tasks etc.).