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Regular Expression


Hi Tobias,

Could you write some hits to recular expression that can be used with SI 2.0 ?

for example i need to get both these title (number aren’t constant)

ITOR: 00E3B640 BO:00E32FB0
ITOR: 00E3B640 BN:00E36ED8 (Level)

so i tried with the following RegEx

but it’s doesnt work

Again i tried with
but also this doesn’t work

In both cases Si get only the first match (ITOR.*BO)

Ing Giuseppe Monteleone


Hello Giuseppe,

I’m not sure why your expressions do not match. Actually, they should. This might be a problem with the regular expression component we use. The following expression works:


It’s not perfect since it matches more strings, but we try to find out why the other expressions do not work.