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Regarding Test case copy operation

Have a question on test case copy behavior.
Assuming i have two sections A, B. I wanted to copy test cases from “A” to “B”.
Now, If i make any minor changes to the test case in “A”, does it automatically reflect on the places where this particular test case is copied (or) we need to manually do that change everywhere?

It will be painful if i have to remember on what test cases i copied so that i can change across all the projects. Any suggestions? or Is it already handled which i am not aware of?

right now, copy means a simple copy, not a reference.

The copy functionality is IMHO just a one-time timesaver and might lead into additional effort if you need to edit the cases afterwards.

There is no functionality for a kind of bulk update on cases across projects.

You might add links between the cases - uni or bi-directional depending on the effort, to assist you in finding the cases. Such links could be used for an automated update if you implement it via the API.

Understood, thanks for the update.