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Refresh TestRuns


is it possible to refresh a TestRun Page automatically in the Client-Browser? How can I set this up?
The problem is, that new Changes in the TestRun are not published to the rest of the Test-Crew, they have to refresh their page manually.

Many Thanks


Hello Andreas,

Thanks for your posting. It would be possible to implement this (e.g. refreshing the page based on an interval) but we don’t recommend this as this might refresh the page while the user is actively using it (for example, while adding a test result or reading a test description). I’m happy to add this to our feature request though and we will make sure to look into this for a future version.

If you frequently have many users working on the same test run, you can assign different areas of this test run to different users (distributing the load) so that those users can work independently.



Hi Tobias,

First of all, I could not find any latest post other than this. Instead of creating a new one updating the old one as from the view count it looks like many of them have this problem and looking for a solution.

Will it be possible for you to atleast refresh the Test run based on Activity.
Currently when one user marks the test run as passed without going into the test case, the page updates the status of that test case but in mean time if 5 more have been passed by someone else the page does not reflect that untill refreshed manually.

This is usually a big problem for smoke and regression testing testruns as these are executed over and over again and no one finds a need to open the test case and pass it, instead mark it as passed from outside is convenient but causes duplicate effort if one forgets to refresh the page.



Hi Amol,

Thanks for your feedback, happy to add another vote. Have you already looked into the three-pane view that were introduced with TR 5.1? This makes it very easy to go through your tests, see the latest results and add new ones:

This was specifically added for users who like to go through the tests and add results on the overview pages without opening the actual test pages.