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Refresh report with button or F5 etc


Hi Guys,

I find it very useful near the end of a test cycle, to keep one page open with my test run, and another page open with my coverage report of all my test runs for my test cycle. I work my way down the list in the report and test cases which are still untested, retest etc. When I enter my result in my test run’s corresponding entry, I need to refresh my report to include the 1 or more test results I just added. Currently I need to click the “create similar” button, which brings you back to the creation page, scroll to the bottom and click the run button. It then brings you back to the reports list page where I need to delete the old one and click the new one again. Scheduling the report helps kick me out a new one every morning but it’s usefulness for tracking my progress real-time ends there.

Having to do this quite a lot - could I ask that a button get added to simply re-run the same report and have it refresh in that page directly? Maybe F5 could re-run the same report? I realize I could pre-filter my test run based on past results but we still re-test some passed results depending on risk areas for that run.

As well, on the report list page, it seems odd that clicking the link a second time doesn’t create a fresh run of the report - just the existing data. Much like other databases, if I wanted to get a snapshot against a specific time, I’d export the data from that query the day I ran it. Maybe the option to run fresh or grab the original pull would be useful.


Hello Liam,

Thanks for your posting! Reports on the Reports tab are point in time reports and you can create new reports with the Create Similar button (which is like the Rerun feature for test runs & plans). Point in time reports are super useful for archival purposes and reflect the then active state. It wouldn’t be possible to have this if TestRail would always refresh the report if you click on it. Other reports in TestRail (such as the status or activity charts for test runs & plans) are live reports and always reflect the current state.

You also don’t really need to delete old reports as they will automatically disappear from the overview page (as TestRail will only display a small number of reports by default). I fully understand your use case though and you can use the Create Similar button to create a new instance of the same report template and with the same options as the previous report and this would only take one click + Enter. We will also make sure to look into making this even easier with a future version, thanks for feedback on this!



I have a number of reports set up to run daily or weekly, but often need an update between those regular times. I have to click on ‘create similar’ and then uncheck the ‘schedule report’ option and make sure only ‘run now’ is checked, right? Otherwise this adds a duplicate of this already scheduled report to my list.

I’d really like to see a RUN NOW option for scheduled reports to get a quick update in between.


Thanks for your feedback on this! Yes, you would need to use the Run Now option (otherwise, TestRail would create a new, scheduled report instead).