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Referencing Tests/Sections instead of Copying them



I’m currently maintaining tests for our mobile team. I have an issue where referencing tests would be better than simply copying them. The reason being is that we have some features that we have ample coverage for, but this feature may need to be tested in multiple tickets in the future.

For example, I have a section of a suite for Fingerprint Login. The tests are perfect for me at the moment. There are often tickets where the devs tell me that it would be best to cover login issues such as Fingerprint Logins. At the moment, the best way I can see to cover this is to copy the original tests into this ticket’s section as a subsection.

The problem I have with this is that then this section gets duplicated a lot. It makes the Search function in TestRail pretty much redundant as searching for a test title could bring up multiple versions of the same test, And if I need to add a step to one of the tests, I will need to edit multiple duplicates of the same test instead of just one.

Does anyone have any advice on the best way to approach this problem? I notice that TestRail does not support referencing test cases within Test Suites so I assume that you have a better solution than that? I toyed with the Single Repo option you guys have but it didn’t really work for me as we have multiple apps in the same project and it would be too messy to add them all to one large section.

We would ideally like to add each app to its own suite in the one project and add ‘sub suites’ to reference what we need. The reason we don’t have separate projects for each app is that there is a lot of similarity in the apps (e.g. analytics, registering an account, etc.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m open to the idea that we’re doing it entirely wrong and am willing to adapt to use TestRail to its fullest.

Thank you