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Referencing test suites



While writing test cases, I have seen an option where we can reference other test cases as pre-requisites. E.g. [c1]

Similarly, I’m looking for an option to reference other test suites within another test suites.
I have one test suite containing test cases that will be common for all the other test suites in my project. Instead of copying the tests , I would like to see how I can establish a link between the test suites. If I make a copy into another test suite, then if there are any modifications done in the main test suite, we cannot see those changes in all the other referred test suites.


Hello Vijaya,

Thanks for your posting. You can reference other test suites via [S123] where 123 would be the ID of the test suite. The description of a test suite would be a good place to reference other test suites. Other supported shortcuts are [C123] (cases), [M123] (milestones), [P13] (projects), [T123] (tests) and [R123] (runs/plans).



That answers my question :slight_smile:
Thanks Dennis


Hi, This is a functionality we are looking for too. Can you point us to some documentation on this feature?


#5 - Near the end of the page but all you really need is the information in the second post by dgurock.


Thank you. I was able to reference one test suite from another via Description field. The referenced Test suite has a section with 2 test cases. But the calling test suite still shows 0 test suites and 0 test . cases.

  1. Called Test suite has 2 tests

  2. When referenced, the calling test suite shows as having 0 test suite/ 0 test cases

  3. This is how the reference is seen

Wouldn’t the referenced test cases now be shown as a part of the current test suite?



If you click on the S4 link that is created it then takes you to the correct Suite and you see the data correct? If this is correct - I believe this is how it is intended to work. It is a reference to a suite and does not automatically add in the children (the test cases).

They create a link so a user can then click on the link and go to the particular area referenced.


Thank you for the response. Yes. I can see that the S4 link takes me to the test suite.

Although, I’m confused on the purpose of this feature. I’m looking to reuse the same test cases in S4 in the current test suite without copying them, but looks like the referencing will not solve that issue.


I use the case linking exclusively and they are great for steps that need to happen a lot (shared steps) and for cases that might have other cases as prerequisites. All they are meant to be are links so something, nothing more. A link to a specific case, suite, milestone etc…