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References field - Test Case


Have the TestRail integrated with Jira for the references to link a test case with user stories and requirements which is stored as Ticket in Jira…

But do not see the References field when adding a new Test Case

Hi there,

Thanks for the post. If you’re not seeing the references field when creating a new test case, it’s likely there has been some customization done on the References field or the template you are using that has removed the field. You can check this under Administration > Customizations, then click to edit the References field in the Test Cases section. Here you’ll see a few different options that you’ll need to check. First, check whether the field is available in all templates, and if not, be sure to check that the template you are using for your test cases is selected to ensure it’s availability for test cases using that template.

Under that, you’ll see the settings for Projects and Options, which you can edit by clicking the small pencil icon. There, you’ll want to ensure the field is configured to be available in all projects, or at least the projects you are working in where the field is not showing.

I hope that clears things up! If you’re still having issues, please reach out to the support team directly at and include a screenshot of the field settings page showing the configuration for templates, as well as the project/options selections you have set up and we’ll be happy to help.