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"References" field size not large enough



The “Reference” field size is not big enough to accommodate all requirements that a test case covers.

The current “Reference” field size appears to be about 252 character max.

We currently needs 425 char max. However, in the future, maybe we would need the field to be larger yet.

We do interface with Visual Studio/TFS (requirements linkage (and bug linkage)).

Do you have a script to make this field larger in the database?

Are there any issues with making the “References” field larger?


Hi Joan,

Thank you for the post. The references field uses the maximum limit of characters available. We would not recommend editing the TestRail database at all as this always has the potential to cause unforeseen issues. If you need additional space for additional references, you can always add a custom field that could hold these references. These reference IDs however would not automatically link as the references field does.

References Character Limit too short