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"References" field for multiple integrations

Dear Gurock Team,

We have started to use TestRail and so far we are really satisfied with its capabilities. There is one topic where I would like to ask - the question is related to the built-in integrations / fields.

Please see the scenario below:

  1. We are using the “References” field for integrating a 3rd party requirements tool (it works fine)
  2. We have installed the JIRA TestRail plugin and we realized that the same field is used for the integration, so we cannot use the plugin at the moment.

Could you please let me know if there is any way to have two built-in “references” field for different integrations (in our case for the requirements tool and for JIRA at the same time).

Thanks in advance.

Please let me know if you need further information.

Best regards,

Hi Zoltan,

Thanks for the post! Each project within TestRail is limited to a single integration for the ‘References’ field and a single integration for the ‘Defects’ field.

If TestRail does not have a lookup integration for your 3rd party requirements management tool, you may find it useful to use a URL field or text field with Markdown formatting in order to link to these entities, then utilize the available integration for your requirements stored in Jira.

It is also possible to link separate projects within TestRail to different external tools, as each project in TestRail can have it’s own configured integration.

I hope this helps clarify the available options,