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References Character Limit too short



I am attempting to import test cases using a csv from Jira to Test rails and have run into a problem with the length of the list of references. Is there a way to increase the maximum char length or is a custom field required?

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Thanks for the response,

I will put a request in for a custom field with our administrators. Is the best way to mimic functionality to add html tags to the text that I add in the custom field?

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Also, is 250 char limit for all of the small fields in the top pane of the test cases? For example, if I want to have a field that accounts for more characters than this does it need to be in the bottom pane or can it also be in the top? Here is the page that I am referencing and it does not seem to have this information:




Thanks for your post! Any String field in TestRail would be limited to 250 characters, and this can’t be changed. If you need a larger field, we would recommend using a Text field for this. HTML wouldn’t be rendered in the fields for security reasons, so any HTML you enter will just display as-is when saved. TestRail would use the popular Markdown syntax to format text in Text fields, and you can learn more about our implementation of Markdown on our website here:

Hope this helps!