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Reference testresult bug




  1. Create new TC referenced to jira issue id=1234
  2. Run this TC, set result to PASSED and Close test Run in which this TC has been executed(in my case whole test plan this TC was in was closed)
  3. Edit this TC by adding new reference to jira issue id=2234 and save changes
  4. Go to Jira to issue 2234

ER: Last run test result should not be visible
AR: It is visible on issue 2234 details view page

Comment: Maybe this is not a bug, but in this case Test Result reference field should also be updated

Thank you,


Hi Volodia,

Thanks for your posting. This is actually by design and TestRail uses the current/most recent references to map references/cases to results. I understand that this can be confusing in this case. Is there any reason why you change the mapping to a different issue ID and is a common use case for you and your team?




We updated our TCs’ references due to new story testing, and some of old TCs were suppose to be executed to check the regression, so we updated the reference. And then, suddenly out of nowhere:) old result came up on not even developed story:(

Thank you


Thank, Volodia. We also plan to look into tracking issue references (user stories) on the test run & execution level (in addition to cases), especially to cover the use case of changing issue IDs with references. One option worth looking at with the current version is TestRail’s baseline feature which allows you to keep different “branches” of your case repository:

Many teams start new baselines when starting a matching sprint/iteration (or for archiving previous sprints/iterations and making changes to the master repo) and you could also update the references in this case (as you would work on case copies).