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Reference Test Suites In Jira


I would like to know how to link a test suite to Jira.

Like the test case ‘reference’ field… but this time at suite level so that I can see the test suite referenced in the jira ticket rather than a case.

How do I do this? (I know I can use a link in the description field, but that does not show the test suite in Jira.

Any help in being able to do this would be appreciated.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the post! Currently, the reference fields are not supported on the test run, plan, or suite level. However, we already have this as a feature request to review for a future update to TestRail and I will add your vote to this feature request which helps us prioritize internally.


Thanks Jon for the reply, its most appreciated.

Thanks for adding my vote to the feature request, and I look forward to being able to do it.

Hi Ryan02,
we had the same request and as a workaround, we put a weblink in the jira issue (story etc.) to give an easy access to the results on this level (with additional drawbacks).
Not nice and I would prefer to have nicer charts in jira as well, but for now, people learned to live and work with it.

Yeah, think that is the approach which I will have to follow as well for now.