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Reference and defect link from testrail to Jira is not enabled


Hi ,

I have integrated TestRail with Jira but when I link a bug or reference to a test case I can just see the Jira issue Id mentioned but not able to trace back to Jira from TestRail i.e Jira issue is not clickable and also I can not look up issues and bug reports
directly from TestRail which is fetched from Jira. Any help on this would be much appreciated!


Hi Shiva,

Thanks for your posting. Have you used the Configure JIRA Integration button to set up the integration in TestRail? This button can be found on Administration > Integration in TestRail and this would link TestRail to JIRA:



hi tobias,

Yes I have configured Jira integration


Hi Shiva,

Can you please send a screenshot of the Administration > Integration to our help desk at so we can take a look? Please also include a screenshot of a case and/or result with linked issue IDs.



I don’t have admin access right now so administration section is not visible to my testrail instance I have raised a request for the same, I will share the screenshots once I get it . Thanks for quick response :slight_smile:


Thanks, Shiva. Happy to review your configuration and an email with the screenshots to would work best.