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Reference a different project from within a project


Hi all,

Is there a way to reference test cases by PROJECT from an existing project in TestRail? I have built a standardised set of ‘Business’ user test cases and instead of individually referencing them, I was wondering if I could do a ‘bulk’ reference instead?

I am also looking at perhaps pushing out the standardised test cases as a link in Confluence?
Any suggestions and help would be a great. Not sure if it’s possible but perhaps not impossible?

Thanks in advance


Hi Max,

Thanks for your posting! Could you provide a few more details about referencing test cases? Do you mean linking to test cases? This can be done via the [C#] syntax in text boxes (e.g. [C17] would link to the test case with ID 17, also supports other projects).

Regarding Confluence: you can link pages in Confluence to test cases in TestRail via the References field:

Starting with TestRail 5.0, you can also embed TestRail statistics and the dashboard in Confluence:

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

What i mean is referencing a core test case set, which would hardly ever changes until a major business process change takes place.

This would basically be the template from which all manual tests can be referenced (which I do on an individual basis as in your example) but to be able to just call the project id itself as a reference point.

Hope this helps


Hello Max,

Thanks for the additional details. You can reference other test cases via the [C#] syntax. If all cases apply to the same project, it can make sense to keep them in the same project as your regular case repository and runs/plans/milestones etc. as this makes it easier to create test runs & plans as well as for your entire repository.

I hope this helps!