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Reducing used data storage?


we use TestRail for multiple projects and are facing now the situation that TestRail uses quite a lot of storage. Is there any best practice to reduce storage space?
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Hey Chris,

Thank you for your post. Normally we recommend deleting any closed/old test runs that are no longer needed. This can definitely cut down on space usage depending on how big those test runs were and how many you have saved.


Thanks for the information! What is the best way to bulk delete closed test runs? (Because we have A LOT of them…)


Hi Chris,

The easiest way to do this in bulk would be with the TestRail API. You can use the get_runs method to get a list of all runs you have and then use the delete_run method in a loop to remove those test runs. You would need to iterate through the list of runs in order to delete each one as there is no bulk deletion for runs. You can get more information on these methods here:

Does this help at all?


thanks, that helps a little bit, although I’m quite surprised that there is no easier way for housekeeping. Is there a possibility to delete test runs directly in the database or do I always have to take the detour via the API?
Thanks for your help!


Hey Chris,

With TestRail we never recommend making direct database edits as this can lead to unforeseen issues if specific data is not removed. The API or manually via the TestRail UI would be the best ways to handle this type of cleanup.


Hey Marty,
thanks for your help, we will do it via the API!


Hey Chris,

Thank you for the follow up. Sounds good. Let us know if you have anything else come up that you need help with.