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Redmine - setting "Target Version" field on pushed defects


Has anyone setup their Redmine integration to be able to set this value?
Is it something that can be set via the user variables or do we have to customize the plugin ourselves?


Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your posting! For additional fields or custom fields in Redmine, we would recommend editing those fields directly in Redmine after pushing a new issue. You can quickly jump to the issue via the link in the test result and edit additional fields directly in Redmine.



We’re still using database triggers to make these automatic, but I was really hoping for something configurable inside of TestRail, so we can streamline the process rather than do it manually for every defect, or in our case having to mess with the database.



Hi Aaron,

Thanks again for your feedback. Redmine is one of the most popular issue trackers used with TestRail and we are happy to look into additional features for the integration for a future version.