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Redmine Push defect plugin--modifying required fields



I have a new to TestRail. I am using the cloud based service and trying to integrate with my Redmine project. I am using the TestRail-supplied defect plugin. I’ve been able to successfully integrate the Add defect feature but would like to use the Push feature. I have been hitting the 403 return error and have figured out that we have a “mismatch” of required fields between what TestRail plugin is supplying and my instance of Redmine. It appears that the TestRail-supplied plugin has “Category” as a required field–which is NOT required in my Redmine instance. Is there a way to modify the default plugin form fields to allow modification of this field?

Thank you,


Hi Kathleen,

Thanks for your post! The Redmine defect plugin was built to work with a standard Redmine configuration, and it wouldn’t be possible to customize the field configuration on the TestRail Cloud edition. This would only be possible on the TestRail Server edition, as you have the ability to customize the defect plugin and add/remove any field. If you’re interested in learning more about this for the server edition you can have a look on our website here:

Hope this helps!



Thank you, Marco!

That is what I was afraid of. I appreciate your response. I have looked at the defects-pluins-custom docs so I knew it was possible with server edition. I will look into changing from cloud to server edition if we decide we’s prefer to use the push feature.


Kathleen Naughton


Hi Kathleen,

Thanks for the feedback! We’re also always happy to look into improving the currently available built-in defect plugins for a future update of TestRail as well.