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Redist Install



I’m trying to install the redistributable as part of my own install. Everything installs fine but desktop and quicklaunch icons are created even when I pass /NOICONS to the installer. I would like a /VERYSILENT install but even with dialog boxes, the icon checkboxes are checked.

Any idea of how I can get around this without having to delete the icons myself?




Probably should have said I’m using siredist-



Hello Phil,

we will look into the issue with the /NOICONS switch. We use InnoSetup for our setup and this functionality is provided by InnoSetup. If this is indeed a problem with InnoSetup, we will look into upgrading to a newer version and/or fixing the problem ourselves.

However, you can just redistribute the Redist files in your own setup. We allow for this kind of redistribution and most of our customers who ship the Console to end-users choose to do it this way. The Redist Console can be deployed by just copying its files. There is no need to create any registry keys or configuration files.

You don’t even have to ship all files of the Redist Console. Only the following files are required:

SmartInspect.chm (this is actually optional and only required if the online help should work)

Please let me know if you have any further questions!