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Redirect failure


the redirect that occurs after successful login prompted by a session idle timeout consistently redirects to a 404.

The url of the redirect on the last instance of the error occurance was:

*disclaimer - I am not a sysAdmin so it is possible that I may have a misconfiguration but it has not exposed itself in any other observable way


Thanks for reporting this issue.

Do you know on which page you were before your session timed out? TestRail normally redirects you to the page you were before the session timed out, I’ve just tested this behavior with various browsers and it worked fine here (IE, Firefox, Chrome). Which browser and server platform do you use (Linux+MySql or Windows+SQL Server)?



It has occurred from test run and project for certain. I will make a note if I see it occur anywhere else. The environment is windows server 2003 and sql server express 2008


We’ll take a closer look at these pages then, although I guess it’s a page-independent issue if you saw it on multiple pages.

By the way, you could check the “remember me” checkbox on the login screen which should workaround this problem (by storing a cookie on your machine and using this to authenticate you when your session timed out).

Thanks, we’ll try to reproduce it with this combination then.