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Receive email notification if a test suite is updated


Is there a way users can add themselves as watches to a test suite, they should receive email notification if the interested test suite is modified by any other user.
I am using TestRail v2.6.0.1772



Thanks for your posting. Notifications are only supported for tests and test runs/plans but not for test cases or suites currently. I’ve added this as a feature request for now, thank you.



our team could really benefit from this as well.
I’d like subscriptions at the test-case level, and implied subscriptions for those that edit.


Thanks for your feedback, Erik! I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request.



Gets my vote, recently had test cases deleted and no one owned up


Thanks for your feedback, added to the list!

Independently of this: we can usually recommend limiting invasive and not very frequent actions (such as deleting cases or suites) to just a few users and this would prevent most accidental deletes:



I’m adding my vote for this feature. Need other users to see when I’m making updates to test cases.


Thanks for your feedback, Ania :slight_smile:



I would like to vote for this feature.
We have a suite of manual test cases in TestRail that another team are working to automate. We would like to generate a notification if a test case is updated, so that the automation team can modify any affected scripts.


Count another vote for this feature.
Additionally, would be nice if could watch the test case as a whole, or individual fields (e.g., I want to know the person assigned to run a test changes, or if someone changes the priority of a test such as a change from “Mandatory” to “Optional”), or if a Status has been assigned as “Failed”, particularly if late in the testing cycle.