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Read-only role case execution


Can you give me advice: for what purpose there is posibility to assign User with read-only rigths on test case execution?


Hi there,

In order to execute test cases a user would need more than just read-only permissions. With read-only permissions the user would only be able to do just that. The most typical permissions for a tester are automatically included in the ‘Tester’ role within TestRail

I hope this helps.


Year, I khow this.
The question is: why is it possible to assign user with read-only rigths to tests?
For what purpose this feature exists if she cann’t do anything?

Its not comfortable to have all read-only users in “assign to” list!


Hi there,

TestRail will always show all users that are currently active. We designed TestRail this way in order to meet the requirement of some users assigning tests to read-only users to review results for example. One specific use case would be if you had a test that was run and when that test failed, you wanted a developer to be able to look at the results. You could make your developer a read-only user and then assign that test to the developer for review.

Let me know if this makes sense.


I can also see using it as a checklist for UAT for users who are not used to entering in results since they are not QA. This way items tested can be funneled into a Business Analyst/Owner to give the final approval. I could see this on small teams.


Really good point! Thanks for the additional use case as this is definitely another way the read-only role could be leveraged within TestRail.