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Read only access


Can we have read only access for users in testrail ?


Hi @kmehta,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, you can add read-only users, simply by assigning them the Read-only role on Administration > Users & Roles, or per project on Administration > Projects:

Please note that this doesn’t affect the licensing and you would still need a license for every person accessing TestRail. Like with most applications, you would need a license or subscription for every person using and benefiting from TestRail, regardless of the user permissions. If we had a different system we would likely also need to increase the regular user price if we offered such licenses. Instead we offer the same low license or subscription price for all users.

In our experience teams benefit from giving their developers or management team direct access to TestRail so they can contribute to test cases, view test results and run reports to stay up to date on the latest testing efforts. You can alternatively also generate reports and forward/download/share TestRail’s HTML reports with persons who don’t have a TestRail login if this works better for your team though.

I hope this helps!