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Re-using Test Runs and Assignments


We are attempting to copy our test runs, however it is not retaining any of the assignment information when you use the “re-run” function. Is there a way to retain the assignment information from the previous test run? Also, can you copy test runs between Milestones (ie, releases)? We have the same testers executing many of the same scripts each release, and the most time consuming aspect is adding in the assignments. It would be helpful if the test runs can be copied to the next release and retain the test script and assignment information.



Hello Sonia,

Thanks for your email. This depends on how you configured the assignments. If you assign the test runs directly when creating the test run, this information is also applied to test runs/plans that are copies of other test runs/plans (the Assigned To field on the test run/plan forms):

(see the assignments on the right)

Individual test assignments (applied independently of the Assigned To field of test runs/plans) are currently not copied/retained. We are happy to add this to our feature request list though and will look into this for a future version. Do you use many different users per test run or do you manage your assignments per test run?

Regarding the milestone: you can simply rerun a test run/plan and then select a different milestone on the test run/plan form. This will link the test run copy to the other/new milestone.

I hope this helps and I look forward to your reply.




Thank you for your reply. I’m confused to what the difference is between the Assignment when you create the test run, versus the assignments you make after the test run is created?

Multiple testers on our team participate in a test run, so being able to copy those test runs between milestones while retaining the assignment information would be essential.

So do you recommend setting up test runs per tester instead of by groups? Currently our test runs are labeled as High, Medium, Low (per priority) as well as by Regression vs New Tickets so that it is:
Regression - High
Regression - Med
Regression - Low
New Tix - High
New Tix - Med
New Tix - Low

Any suggestions?



Hello Sonia,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, setting up the test run per tester would make this much easier in this case and the assignments would be retained/copied in this case. Would this approach also work for you?

Regarding the run assignments vs. test assignments: we know that this is a bit confusing but you can think of the assignment on the test run level as the default assignment for the tests in a run. The assignments can later be changed by reassigning the tests. TestRail will retain the assignment field of the test run when you rerun/copy a test run.



Resurrecting this, since its related to my current issue.

You stated “Individual test assignments (applied independently of the Assigned To field of test runs/plans) are currently not copied/retained. We are happy to add this to our feature request list though and will look into this for a future version.”

Is this still planned? If so, when? If you keep test assignments, you should keep test assignments - period.



Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the update! Yes, that’s still planned and I’ve just added another vote to this feature request, thanks for your feedback on this.



Is this feature going in anytime soon? I find it confusing and strange that when you copy test runs, not everything gets copied over. This goes against the natural thought process of a user like me and seems counter intuitive.



Thanks for your posting. TestRail copies the original configuration of the run and this does not include the assignments you added later. TestRail also wouldn’t copy test results, comments or other details and the Rerun functionality is just to create a new test run based on the configuration of a previous test run (optionally with a status filter). This also includes the assignments if you configured the assignee when you created the original test run.




We are also interested in adding this feature to TestRail. We do assign various test cases to various testers (as we rotate our testers on different areas sometimes). For us, it is not feasible to have a fixed tester on each area every time. Thus, we assign testers as needed after the creation of the test run. So the ability to copy the test runs along with the assignments would be very helpful!

May be you can implement that as an option in the configuration (keep the assignments when copying to a new run)


David N.


Hello Tobias,

Please add our organization to those expressing interest in adding the ability to retain user assignments from previously copied test runs. Either that or the ability to indicate a “Primary Tester” or similar designation on test cases populated with a user name which could then optionally be used to populate the “Assigned to” field when creating a test run (e.g. assign “Primary Tester” for test cases?).

Thanks for your time,