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'Re-Run' Test Plan with Results


Hi there,

I’ve had a look around the forums and other topics so I think I have already answered my scenario - but thought it best to double check.

Our testing structure with Excel, in the past, has been as follows: Generate all scripts and begin testing. When a release fails, the scripts are then instantiated and we resume testing our next release candidate, with testers ‘continuing’ the instantiated tests, whilst tests to be re-run are overwritten (blanked out) to be filled in again. The iteration of the suite which makes it to 100% is then reported on.

Currently in TestRail, I am able to Re-Run and bring in the un-tested scenarios, in addition to add any tests we’d like to re-run. My question is, is there a way to include previous results in the new re-run? At the end of testing we’d like to have a report which includes the total number of our tests in our suite and their results but I am ending up with a lot more tests being reported on, due to multiple suite runs under one milestone - however when I look at the latest plan for results, then I am left without the tests which passed/failed from my prior plans. Is there a clean way for me to report over the total number of my tests, as I either have too many (milestone) or too few (when looking at the latest re-run).

If the re-run option also had the availability of just straight up duplicating the test plan to be re-run - that would be wonderful (all tests included, with results). Does anyone have any suggestions otherwise?

Any thoughts would be great - I hope this was all clear. Many thanks in advance.