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Re-ordering Test Suites


How do I re-order my Test Suites? I can re-order Sections but not Test Suites :(.



it’s not currently possible to change the order of the test suites, as they are ordered by the name. We will consider adding the option to change the order of test suites manually in the future and we are also looking into adding additional ordering options. As a workaround you could simply prepend the same text/tag to the titles of test suite you would like to appear together.

I hope this helps.



Hi Dennis,

Can you add this to the new features list please. I’d really like to be able to re-order the Test Suites.



Hello Preeti,

Thanks for your feedback! Just in case you mean the sections (“folders”) inside the case repository: you can freely rearrange the sections via drag & drop in the sidebar.



This is a feature I would also very much appreaciate. Reordering my test suites not automatically by name but manually would help a great deal.


What is the status of this feature? This issue is seven years old now. Not being able to manually reorder Test Suites is causing major problems for my group. This has been a very common request for many users. Can you please give a status on the release of this feature?


Hi Mark - I’m sorry to hear not being able to re-order test suites is causing major problems. Have you tried Dennis’s workaround mentioned above?

I’ve added your vote to the feature request, and will certainly review how many other people have petitioned for it, since at present - it’s not within the scope of a planned release. If there’s enough of a demand, I’ll see if we can add it to the scope of one of our current projects.

I hope that helps!



For anyone struggling with ordering, just prepend the title with 1, 2, 3, etc. We have less than 10 test suites, so it’s not an overhead for us to do this but I can imagine that it is cumbersome with more test suites! Otherwise, ordering sections within each test suite is easy and helpful :slight_smile: