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Re-ordering Test Suites in a Test Plan

Is there any plans in the near future to improve the ordering functionality for Test Suites inside of a Test Plan?

For example, I have a Test Plan for an upcoming release. In an effort to stay ontop of creating said plans, I have added whatever Test Suites I know will need testing, to the plan. However, as I will likely need to re-order some things later, I then have to click the up and down arrows more times than I like to count to make sure everything is in the order I would like.

I guess my big question is this. Will there be an addition of the drag-and-drop function added to the test suite and plan creation window, similar to how it currently functions in test suite and cases creation menu?

This has been an annoyance of mine for awhile now. Please implement better sorting when editing TestPlans.

It was also discussed in this thread: