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Re-opening a closed test plan


I was wondering if there was a query I could run to re-open my test plan after it’s been closed/archived?

I have been somewhat successful with this by running the following query:

This will reopen my test plan and I can reopen runs within a test plan in a similar way but when I go to view it, it shows me all the different runs but no test cases. My workaround is to rerun the test plan (create a copy) and then delete the current one.

I was wondering if there is a better way. Also are there any future plans for implementing this functionality for admin users?



Hello Matt,

There’s currently no (easy) way to do this because there’s more to it than just setting the is_completed flag to 0 again. When you close a test run, the test cases will be copied so that future modifications don’t affect closed test runs. The code for this is a bit complicated and you can’t re-open a test runs with just 1-2 SQL statements.

Could you explain the reason why you want to reopen a run/plan once it has been closed (except if you accidentally closed one)? We do plan to have this option eventually, but since we will rewrite the test case versioning for the next version, we haven’t implemented this yet.

By the way, you can remove the right from individual users to close a test run/plan if needed via permissions/roles.

I hope this helps!



Thanks for your reply, the reason we sometimes need to unlock a test plan is when someone approves a piece of functionality and we push it to production but a production issue is discovered and we have to roll back the functionality, we need to add more test cases to the plan and retest it again. I guess for now we will just have to ‘rerun’ the old test plan, which is not a big deal but we also put links to approved test plans in JIRA and those change if we create a new test plan.


Ah okay, thanks for the explanation. I would also suggest using the re-run feature for this. Note that you can just include the test cases that were added/changed since the last plan/runs, so there’s no need to include all test cases again. This way you could just add links to both plans to your documentation in Jira (with the new test plan just for the changes).



Hello Tobias,

We also have a need (exceptionally) to reopen an closed test plan.

Re-running it is not an option as we need to keep the results (testers/status) of that test plan.

Perhaps we can work something out offline ?



Hello Rami,

Thanks for your posting. Re-opening a test plan is not really supported and you would need to create a new test plan if you want to add additional results, for example. You can use the same milestone for both test plans, for example, and use the name of the new test plan to indicate that this is an update for your original test plan.

Please note that we don’t/can’t support modifications to the database (as tried by the original creator of this thread) as this would result in an inconsistent/corrupt database (there’s much more to closing a test plan than just setting the is_completed field, for example).