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Rally plugin - Reference URL



There is a slight issue I am having with the Rally reference/defect parts of the plugin.

When assigning a defect to a test case, to get the correct hover over behaviour I have to add the ID as the Rally ID field e.g US505. However clicking this link will then present a 404 page in rally as that link is not found.

When changing this to be the URL id of the Rally defect e.g 16687998931 when clicking this link it will bring me to the correct Rally defect. However the hover over link text behaviour doesn’t function.

Is there a way to have the click through link work when using the Defect ID e.g DE505, as this is a lot easier to reference in tests.

The above issue applies for references where the full id link e.g 16687998931 . Will bring you to the correct user story.

However the user story id e.g US505 will bring you to a 404 error page.

I would really like to be able to specify just the Rally ID’s as they are easier to manage than long numeric values. Is this possible?

Also should there be hover over pop ups on reference stories?




Thanks for your posting. Yes, this is a known issue with the API and/or ID handling of Rally and it wasn’t possible to improve this behavior back then when we developed the defect plugin. We will make sure to look into this again for one of the next versions to check if the Rally behavior has changed in the meantime.

That said, I believe the link on the hover window already works correctly when you click on the ID, can you confirm this?



Regarding the reference stories:

There’s currently no hover support for references unfortunately (only for defects) but this is already on our list of things to look into (I’ve just added another vote, thank you!).



My new company is using Rally for the user stories, so this issue hadn’t impacted me until now. I did some google research and found a workaround where you can use the following URL with the user story number:

That URL will redirect to the URL that uses the object IDs. I don’t know if the hover works, but it does work with the View URL.

Push Defect inetregation with Rally

Thanks for your feedback on this! We will make sure to review this again and this should also work for the Reference View URL then (on the test case level).



Hi Tobias,

Can you add another vote for support for hovering over a reference?




Added! Thanks, Glenn.



I’m voting for resolution of this issue


Hello Matthew,

Thanks for your posting! Do you mean hover support for references? This is now available with TestRail 5.0 which we just released last month:



Hi Tobias, I have the hover working with Rally for viewing Defects from test results, by simply putting in the DE103 in the Defect Id field. No problems there.

My issue is when hovering over references in the test case, I get the message: Plugin “Rally” returned an error: Issue link_id not found. The same happens with US1003, however when using DE103 the hover works. Is there a way to configure the integration so hovering over test case references with a user story number such as US1003 or the link_id will display the user story? (To also work on click?)

Is there an issue because we are using Rally for references and defects?




Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your reply. Rally unfortunately differentiates between defects and other entities (e.g. user stories) and the defect/reference plugins currently support only defects. We are happy to look into this and I agree that it makes sense to support additional entities, especially for the references.



Hi Tobias, Thank you for the offer and to check into it!