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Quick list of failed tests in a milestone? Is this done through reporting?

If so, how? We want to see all failed tests in a milestone.

Hi jamie,

Thank you for posting! Yes - this can be accomplished with TestRail’s built-in reporting. I would recommend using the Property Distribution (Results) report. In the report options, set the report to group the tests by status. On the Sections & Test Runs tab, you can configure the report to include only test runs linked to a specific milestone by using the test run filter and selecting the appropriate milestone. On the Tests tab, you can add a filter to include only failed tests (for example Status: Failed). You can also edit the columns that are included in the report to add or remove fields as needed. This would give you a report of failed tests for the selected milestone.

I hope this helps!


Hi John,

Have any bugs been reported in this method? I have been attempting to do this and when using filtering (status = failed), the report is showing no tests with the status. I’m having problems with this in both server version and the cloud version running the latest version. If I don’t use filtering at all (if I change Status = Any), it also fails to generate any tests in the report. Below are a couple screen shots:



If you look at that test run that I’m showing in the second image, there clearly are failing tests:


I cannot determine why these failed tests are not being found in the report.