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Questions on Scheduled Reports


Is there a way for a TestRail admin (without access to the server – IT manages that and won’t give us access) to get a list of all scheduled reports, and/or to see what reports are actively running? If there is a way but it requires access to the server, still let me know and I’ll see if I can harass them into running it for me.

Also, I know you can’t delete another user’s scheduled reports, and that an inactive user won’t generate reports – is that true for completed projects as well? There’s a chance the project might get restarted later, then we wouldn’t want to delete the scheduled report.

If these aren’t currently available, I’d like to propose both as new features. Thanks–


Hi Ryan,

For a complete list of scheduled reports (including private reports by other users), you would need to take a look at the database, specifically the report_jobs table. This would require access to the database/server.

Completed reports will still generate scheduled reports but I agree that it would make sense to handle this like inactive users. Happy to look into this for a future version.