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Questions on Reporting


I’ve been playing with TestRail for a few weeks and am quite impressed. One thing I’ve noticed, however, is that reporting seems to be missing some vital information. Printing a test report, or test results appears to lack header information where I wold expect to see the actual system name, version, perhaps some comments etc. Have I missed something? Is the intent that a Test Plan name would simply include the system name/version? This could be quite confusing if we reuse test suites, as the printout doesn’t appear to reference which system they apply to.

Additionally, when producing a test report, it would be ideal to have a “final” report that just includes the latest results for each test run, excluding all the history for each test. Is there a way to filter out test runs such that I can get a detailed report of only the most recent results?

Lastly, perhaps a recommendation, it would be ideal to have a place to define test architectures. For example, we may run our software on a AMD 2400 with NVidia 8600 GT one day, and an Intel i5 with ATI 5700 the next. If we could define architectures and then select them from a dropdown for test runs or whole test plans, that would be a great addition.



Thanks for your posting. I agree that some additional meta information for test reports would be useful (such as the associated test run). Please note that you can already add your own meta information to test runs which will then be included in the print reports. To add additional information to a test run, simply edit it and add your information to the Description field (you can also you rich-text in that field, please see the online help for the Markdown syntax). I agree that we need a bit more flexibility in regard to reporting though and a “final” report for test runs and plans also sounds like a good idea.

Regarding the architectures: have you looked into configurations for this? When you add test suites to a test plan, you can select specific configurations for the suite. TestRail will automatically create new test runs for each configuration combination you select. You can also use the configurations as a way to ‘tag’ the resulting test runs. The configuration names are also included in the print reports.

Our goal is to eventually add custom fields to other entities than just tests and test cases and this would allow you to manage and enter meta information in a more structured way.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any additional feedback.