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Questions for new TestRail 5.5 API feature


Hello, I just noticed that TestRail 5.5 will be released soon. One big change in API is about case customized filed.

As a global company, we hosted the central TestRail instance for all projects that are from cross-regions in different counties. Usually, we created the customized filed and enable it in specified project, not for all projects. As I remembered, adding customized filed will bring the db table schema change. So, we also will add/review every customized filed carefully to avoid to impact all projects.

Have you changed current TestRail design in version 5.5 for this part in adding customized filed?
I did confirmed that we can be benefit from getting the value customized filed now. But it is serious problem that we can add customized filed via API if we cannot control to enable/disable it in current TestRail design. And another question is the new adding customized filed via api will be enabled to all projects by default or not?

Jeffrey Zhang