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Questions about the smartinspect router/console



I am using Delphi XE5. I want our application (client/server) to log messages locally (on each user’s computer), but also in a central place (a logging “server” computer via the tcp setting).

Based on what I read in the help I need to distribute the SI console on my server computer. The what’s new section also mentions a router server, however, the trial chm help file doesn’t mention any details about the router. There is no mention of pricing details for the router either on the website, as far as I could see. Could you please clarify if the console and router are the same thing or are they different products? I think they are different products, but it would be nice if you can provide more details about the differences between them.

Can I set up the console/router on the logging server as a windows service? Does it support any kind of security?

I assume that the remote console/router stores all the messages in some kind of local file/log. Is this true? If yes, how do I configure the file where the remote console/router stores all the messages that come from all users/computers? Can I use then the full version of the console to open all the log messages stored on the logging server?

If I want the app to log messages only on the users’ computers local log files, and on the logging server (via tcp), do I need to distribute the console (or a stripped-down version of it) on each user’s computer? If we do, do we need to pay extra to distribute the console on each workstation?

What is exactly the pricing model (we would buy a 5 pack) given this scenario?

Using your tool, can I log messages to a database table (or tables)?

Can SI write to the windows event log? I might want to log critical errors on the user’s computer windows event log.



Just more questions:

  • do you provide the source code along with the binaries?
  • are the OSX & IOS platforms supported, i.e. can OSX/IOS delphi apps log messages using your library?
  • can error/fatal messages be dispatched to an email address in addition to being logged locally and remotely?


Hello Costa,

Thanks for your posting. We usually recommend using log files for monitoring production systems and the SmartInspect Console for debugging & development. The Router is a separate application (Windows service) and is part of the full SmartInspect version but can also be downloaded here for evaluation purposes:

The Router can receive log data via TCP or named pipes and forward them to another SmartInspect application (Console or Router again) or store the data in simple SmartInspect log files which can be opened by the SmartInspect Console (main use case). That said, for most scenarios, we don’t recommend using the Router (because of the added complexity) and highly recommend going with simple log files instead (e.g. stored on a central network drive).

Regarding your other questions:

  • The source code of the libraries is included in the full version of SmartInspect (the SmartInspect Console, Builder and Router are available as binary only)

  • The SmartInspect Router is included in the license price and SmartInspect is licensed by developer (person who uses the SmartInspect library or full SmartInspect Console)

  • Database logging, the Windows event log or emailing logs is not supported out of the box but it would be possible to customize this using a custom protocol:

  • OSX and iOS are not supported with SmartInspect unfortunately

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!



Hi guys,

This response concerns me as, after evaluating a number of other logging products, I had almost settled on yours. I run numbers of EC2 instances and I want to log from them to a central EC2 instance ( router ) and either remote to that instance to monitor live logs or have them routed to a local machine in the office.

This functionality is of paramount importance but it looks like you are recommending against using the router in a live environment?

Cheers, Mark


Hello Mark,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, we usually recommend against using the router in a live/production environment, primarily because this requires a network connection.While SmartInspect has features to work around unreliable network connections etc. (e.g. asynchronous logging), we still recommend using log files for production systems as this is by far the most reliable protocol.

Furthermore, adding an additional (and quite complex) component makes the logging infrastructure more complicated and this is usually something you want to avoid for such an important part of the monitoring/debugging concept.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!