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Questions about importing


My exported data contains meta data for each test case such as the ID in our old system (which I’d like to carry over as some tests reference other tests by this ID), created by, created on. How can I import that? I tried adding them as part of the case like this (just guessing on the names!):

This is a test case title functional 111270 cometgrrl 2014-03-17 00:00:00.0 3

But when I import, they have a TR generated ID and the created by is my username and created on is the time of import.

Also, we are importing using <steps_separated> but we have a weird situation where our old tool has test data associated with each step/result pair. I’m not sure how to import this in TR. Is there anyway to add one more text box called “data” for each separate step?



Thanks for your posting. The ID and Created By/On fields are system fields managed by TestRail itself and you cannot override these system fields with the import. If you absolutely require to import these fields as well, you could look into adding custom fields for this (e.g. Author):

That said, I would only recommend doing this for the original ID (if you want to preserve it as a reference) and not for the Created By/On as those fields are automatically managed by TestRail.