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Question: Why do status and activity for a testrun show different numbers (e.g for passed tests)?


Hi all,

Here on my Testrail system I can see the following annoying behavior:

I have a Milestone with 1 testrun which is active since 10.06.2015.
When I switch to the testrun and compare the numbers of passed tests on the “Status” tab with the number of passed tests on the “Activity” tab (set to the last 30 days) I get different numbers.

Which tab shows the real/correct number of passed tests?

BTW: this applies to all listed numbers (failed, retest, …)

Have a nice day and a lot of fun


Hello Michael,

Thanks for your posting! The Activity and Status pages use the same data but present them in a slightly different way. The Activity page shows an activity timeline and the Status page only includes the latest/current statuses. A test in TestRail can have multiple results (e.g. failed -> retest -> passed). The Activity page would include all results and the Status tab only show the latest/current/most significant (passed in this case). So, it’s expected that you see different numbers on both pages.



hello tgurock,

thanks for your answer…

in our case
the status TAB shows 195 passed tests while
the activity TAB shows 235 passed tests…

this would mean that somehow 40 testcases have been switched from “passed” to another state?



Hello Michael,

Thanks for your reply. Not necessarily. It just means that there have been added 235 test results with the status Passed. A test can also have 2 test results of status Passed and you wouldn’t need to change the status to add new test results (e.g. failed -> retest -> passed).

I can also recommend creating a new test run, adding two results to the same test and then comparing the Activity and Stats (pie) charts to see the difference between the two charts.

I hope this helps!