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Question: Test report - The report give me two different reports


Based on this screen shot:

Shoulden the results be the same?

The report is created based on 8 test runs that I made my colleagues do during the last couple of days.

I’m courious as to why the overall results says 193 passed, and the activity result says 196 passed.

Am I missing some vital info?

Throw me a reply if you need more data from me.

Kind regards


Hello Ronni,

Thanks for your posting. The two charts/reports display the data and stats using a slightly different angle. The pie chart at the top display the current/latest status and the line chart at the bottom shows the activity/history over time (activity stream). Since a test can have multiple test results (e.g. Failed -> Retest -> Passed) but only one latest status, it’s normal that the activity differs from the status/pie chart.

I hope this helps and I look forward to your reply!



Exellent, that explains it

And yes we actually had cases where a person had “Failed” then “Passed” a test case right away.

Thanks for the quick reply


You are welcome, Ronni, and great to hear that this helped!