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Question/Request: Sort order of Test Runs in a Test Plan



I am currently using Test Plans to group runs according to a particular sprint. This works great, but I would like to see the latest Test Run within a given test plan on top of the list instead of at the bottom. Currently the only way to do this appears to be re-arranging them manually 1 at a time which is not at all what I’m looking for.

Is there a setting somewhere to change the default sort order?

If not, I’d like to suggest this as a request for future upgrades.




Hello Kent,

Thanks for your posting. You can manually change the order for test runs when you edit the test plan but I believe you’ve seen this already. New test runs are currently always added to the end of the test plan but we are happy to consider making this configurable. I’ve just added a feature request for this, thanks for your suggestion.



Excellent. Thanks!


Hi Tobias,

any new on this one? I’ve recently integrated our jenkins test job to add new run after each job run so it would be nice to have newest runs at the top of the plan page.

otherwise, seems that I would have to
a) manually rearrange runs to move the bottom one to the top
b) frequently delete old runs
and neither is elegant solution



Hello Nemanja,

No update on this one so far unfortunately. You can rearrange them in the UI of course and we are happy to look into adding an ‘index’ attribute to the test plan API or similar.



in the meantime, I’ve added this

name: Hide test runs headers from plan view
description: Hide test runs headers from plan view
version: 1.0
includes: ^plans/view

$(document).ready(function() {

$("DIV.detailsContainer").each(function() {
$(".content-inner table.grid").each(function() {
$("#sidebarSticky table tbody tr").each(function() {
	$(this).insertAfter("#sidebarSticky table tbody");


#content-inner h2 {
display: none;



That’s an option, thanks for sharing this!



Awesome this worked was going to ask for feature requests since i am no java script expert or guru. I like the extensibility that test rails provides but would be nice to have this in the UI without having to have these custom scripts.


I’m also not a JS expert but I have asked a colleague dev to resolve this :slight_smile: