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Question regarding functionality of parent- and child Milestones


Hello everyone,

While setting up a new Project in testrail i ran into some questions regarding Milestone handling.


  • A parent Milestone was defined
  • Multiple child Milestones were defined for the parent Milestone
  • Testcases were assigned to the child Milestones via dropdown “Milestone”
  • A testrun was created and assigned to the parent Milestone(!)

-> When running testcases in the testrun linked to the parent Milestone, the Progress of each testcase is automatically displayed in the corresponding child Milestone
-> Since the child Milestones progress, the total progress is automatically displayed in the parent Milestone

Apparently the parent/child functionality does not work in this constellation.
-> When i assign the parent Milestone to the testrun the Progress is ONLY displayed in the parent Milestone
-> When i assign one of the child Milestones to the testrun the Progress is only displayed in the coressponding child Milestone

Did i get the designated usage/functionality of Milestones (especially the parent to child-relations) wrong, or is this an actual error?


I got response to a mail concerning this issue and it turns out as follows:
The Milestone assignment on testcases is not planned to actually Impact the Milestone overview in tab “Milestones”.

Assigned Milestones on testcases just serve query and filter purposes

-> If you want the Milestones in tab “Milestone” to be updated it’s required to have the corresponding Milestone attached to a test run