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Question: receiving error on Bugzilla intergration


Hi there,

I’m in the process of evaluating testrail and have encountered an error during Bugzilla integration test.

I’ve setup Bugzilla plugin and entered my username and password, but when I try to “Push” a bug, I’m receiving following error in a popup screen.

Plugin “Bugzilla” returned an error: Invalid response (missing “version” parameter)

Our bugzilla version is

Any help on correcting this error would be appreciated.


Just in case others are interested in this as well: we are currently working on this issue (also got the request via email).



Hello, I have the same error message when trying integration, my version of Bugzilla is 3.4.2. Can you help me please?


Hello Gustavo,

Thanks for your reply! This posting is quite a bit older so it may not be the same issue. Can you please send an email directly to with a screenshot of your Administration > Integration page (the full page please including the navigation bar above) as well as a screenshot of the error you’re receiving? This will help us to troubleshoot the issue. We look forward to your email!