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Question: Loose binding of testcases


Good morning,

Is there a way to loosely bind test cases instead of copying them to the separate projects?
This would make it a lot easier to manage and keep the test cases updated while not having the overhead to keep on with the copy and paste sequence.

Elaborating a bit on the subject. For example we have 5 customers but all 5 use the same base test as a sanity check. From what I could find right now is that the only way to get the base test cases to activate in a separate customer setting is to copy them to the respective project.

What I’d hope to find/see is a loose link where we can just say, this suite/case should be run in this customer setting so just get the newest version.

Hope this was a good enough explanation.


Edit:Secondary question, is there any way of binding TestPlans to issues to use in a deployment state?