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Question: List of Test Cases?



Maybe I missed something …
The search function is very handy, but can I simply list all test cases I have in the system? Without the runs they belong to.



Hello Sophia,

We don’t currently have a report / page that shows all test cases across suites. However, you could either export your cases to Excel and merge the CSV files. Or you could query TestRail’s database directly to get a list of all cases.

That said, I’ve added this as a feature request and we will consider it for a future version.



Even when I export, I can’t get all test cases. My Testcases tab shows only 120 testcases, but I’ve created many more. I don’t think I have multiple test suites. We’ve only been using TestRail for 3 weeks. I see C6nnn testcases in a test run, but can’t find them in the testcase tab… nor in any searches. Where did they go?



Thanks for your reply! The test case list view can be paginated in case you have this enabled, however the smallest pagination limit would be 150 and not 120 (under Administration > Site Settings > User Interface tab). If you were hitting this limit you would see a ‘more test cases available’ hint at the bottom of the page. If you don’t see this, it’s also possible that you have the compact view mode or filter enabled which would limit the number of test cases you can see. Can you send in a screenshot of the page when on the Test Cases tab to so we can have a look? We can then troubleshoot the issue and provide the best recommendation. Looking forward to your email!